Monday, July 6, 2009

THE People are Steamed on the 4th

Down the hall, the A/C was gulping air in an almost continuous effort to cool the house. It felt pretty good sitting on the couch, under the ceiling fan, and drinking coffee with my husband. The weather lady was talking about the heat advisory in effect for north Texas. It was going to be 100 degrees with a heat index of 107-108 this July 4th.

I couldn’t believe that we were going to get off the couch, grab our signs, and drive 20 miles just to stand out in the blazing sun and protest. But there was my sign, “The Road to Hell is Paved With Borrowed Money!”

Thinking about the absolute lack of common sense, defiance of the Constitution, and indifference to the will of the people displayed by our federal government irked me all over again. Those fools in Washington, D.C. have no idea just how irritated people are. Thousands of people, just like us, were preparing to protest all over the country this 4th of July.

“America’s Tea Party,” seemed like just too much for us, so we settled on a smaller gathering. The Tea Party at the Historic Rockwall County Courthouse was more our speed. There would be a few trees to shelter under, not too much traffic, and not too far to walk or retreat if the heat got to be too much.

We managed to get there a little past noon. There was a red, white, and blue crowd. The Court House provided a scenic venue. Many brought chairs to set in the shade of the oak trees and others were braving the blazing sun to get a better view of the podium. (Later, I read on the Rockwall County website that there had been over 1000 people there.)

There were speakers, but I found myself more interested in the protesters. There was an intense determination on people’s faces. One of the speakers managed to capture my attention, reading the “Declaration of Independence.” I felt kind of foolish as my eyes started filling with tears and there was this strange swelling in my chest—is this what patriotism feels like? Some, wiping their eyes, appeared to feel the same way.

I spent the rest of the time taking pictures of people and their signs. The Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, spoke. Honestly, I barely heard a word he said; figured he’s just another politician and we’ve heard enough of what they have to say.

What’s important is what THE PEOPLE are saying.

Washington, just in case you didn’t catch it, people are saying “yes” to liberty, freedom, personal responsibility, gun rights, free-market competition, State’s rights, the Founding Fathers, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and the American Dream. They are saying “no” to excessive taxes, borrowing, spending, printing, bailouts, cap and trade, czars, federal infringement on State’s sovereignty, socialism, nationalization of private enterprise, and the fed.

HEY WASHINGTON! THE PEOPLE are steamed! Remember nobody is “too big to fail.”

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