Thursday, July 2, 2009

Standing Up!

I decided to take another step into the 21st century and get a twitter account. Yes, it’s interesting to admit. I tweet. Never saw that one coming.

You know how one thing leads to another? I suppose it's time for another step. Now, I blog.

It all started innocently enough when I was trying to follow what was happening with the protesters of the Iranian presidential election. When the Iranian government kicked out foreign correspondents and began to shut down all forms of communication with the outside world, the only information coming in was from sites like twitter, youtube, and facebook. I cared, so I learned.

At first, I lurked—trying to understand what I could do to help, but hesitant to get involved. The government of Iran, using software purchased from Nokia and Siemens, was trying to track down protesters who were trying to get information and images out. There was a war of propaganda and disinformation fought on twitter and other social networking sites. I was afraid that somehow my actions could endanger someone in Iran.. I changed my time stamp to Tehran and participated in dos attacks, but remained silent. It was only after I was accused of being an Iranian government agent that I spoke up. I limit my tweets on Iran to those of support of the protesters and ideas of freedom. I’m still concerned that I could inadvertently compromise someone. In that country people are being beaten, arrested, raped, shot, or even hung in the streets—just because they want their vote to count. What a dangerous desire.If you’re interested in what’s going on in Iran search on twitter for IranElection, GreenRevolution, or just Iran.

I’ve been concerned with what has been happening in our country for some time. As a student of history, it’s frightening. No country, business, or individual can borrow and spend the way Congress has for the last nine months without dire consequences. Our country has borrowed more in the last six months than has been borrowed in the cumulative history of our country. In the last six months the government has doubled the supply of money via the printing press. Since others are beginning to balk at buying our debt, we have even started lending ourselves money—by printing more. If continued, this behavior will lead to the total collapse of the dollar.

If you don’t think so, read about the Weimar Republic of Germany in the years just after WWI and leading up to WWII. Research “hyperinflation.”

The problems and solutions for our country are not simply about Republican or Democratic control. We could easily blame the start of this spending mess on Republican George W. Bush’s bailouts (it would be an admitted oversimplification, but for argument sake) and the continuation of the spending insanity by the Democratically controlled legislative and executive branches. It really doesn’t matter. It’s not about conservative or liberal, party affiliation, or who started what. Now, it’s about right and wrong—common sense. It’s about our economic solvency and survival of the free market economy.

Inspired by those willing to die to be heard, I’m standing up. I can do something. I can call and email my senators and representatives. I can go to Tea Parties. I can talk, write, blog, tweet and even scream until my voice is gone, if that will help.

I can no longer do nothing. I refuse to sit quietly. I will not willingly leave this mess for my children and grandchildren. Will you?

Stand up. Do something.

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